How to Call a Towing Service

Best Safety Practices When You're Trailering

Towing a trailer inherently exposes drivers to a greater level of road safety risk because the safety of both the tow vehicle and the trailer has to be taken into consideration. If you intend to start trailering, you should first learn how to go about the process safely. 

Here are a number of important tips you should follow whenever you are towing a trailer.

Find out the towing capacity of your vehicle. 

If you are going to drag a trailer behind your vehicle, you should first determine the vehicle's tow capacity. A vehicle's towing capacity refers to the maximum allowable weight the vehicle can tow. Towing capacity can be found indicated in the owner's manual provided by the vehicle manufacturer. Vehicle owners that might have lost or misplaced their manuals can find out the towing capacity of their vehicles by viewing the towing capacity charts posted on the vehicle manufacturer's website. 

Make sure you have the right tow bar.

Once you have established that your vehicle can tow the weight of the trailer, the next thing is to make sure you have the right tow bar for the job. Like your tow vehicle, tow bars are also rated for towing capacity. You simply have to establish the weight of the trailer you want to tow and select a product or item that is suitable for the job. 

Make sure both the tow vehicle and trailer are in roadworthy condition.

Before hitting the road, have both your tow vehicle and trailer inspected by a qualified mechanic to establish if they are in good operating condition. This is because undetected problems can crop up while you are on the road and cause an accident.

Be extra cautious while driving.

Driving while pulling a trailer behind you requires more practice and patience than solo-vehicle driving. But most importantly, you will need to be extra cautious when you are on the roads. Avoid overtaking and changing lanes until you are sure that the coast is clear. Do not exceed speed limits set for the roads and highways you are travelling on and always maintain a safe distance for braking.

Make rest stopovers when you're travelling over long distances.

Have you ever wondered why freight truck drivers often make rest stopovers when they are travelling over long distances? It is because freight trucking over long distances is a tiring job, and it is important to take periodic rest breaks during the haul. Trailering over long distances can be equally tiresome. Therefore, be sure to break your journey and get some rest when you are covering a long stretch of road.