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Don't Overlook These Details When Ordering a Custom Trailer!

A custom trailer can be just what you need for hauling your boat or ATV, equipment you use on the job, or anything else that can't be stored and hauled in or on your vehicle. If trailers that are available on the market don't seem to be the right fit for your equipment or don't offer all the features you need, you can order one to be custom made for you. Not a few details you don't want to overlook when it comes to ordering a custom trailer so you know what to discuss with the manufacturer and are sure to be happy with the trailer for years to come.

Tare weight of trailer

The tare weight of anything refers to its weight when empty. You need to consider this weight of a trailer so that you know your vehicle can safely haul it especially when fully loaded, and also know the expected cost of its registration, as this is usually figured by weight. Too much weight can also mean decreased gas mileage, something to consider if you will be driving long distances or driving often with the trailer attached.

Tyres and axles

If you'll only be driving your trailer over concrete roads, you may not need anything but standard tyres for the trailer. However, if you own a landscaping or construction company and often need to drive over mud and soft soil to get to a jobsite, you'll need to invest in thick, heavy-duty tyres with deep tread. You might also want to opt for two axles, one at the front and one at the back, rather than one axle along the middle of the trailer, so you'll have four tyres that help pull the trailer through rough and uneven ground.

Cage and covering

Consider what type of material you will be hauling and if a cage and covering will be in order; obviously those hauling trash, gravel, and other such items will need solid walls and a covering for the trailer, but even if you're hauling a boat, ATV, or expensive equipment, a cage can be a good choice. This can reduce the risk anything being hit by flying gravel and other debris, and may offer added protection in case of a collision. A cage with a cover that locks can also mean added security for your items; if you keep things in the trailer when on the jobsite or when your car is parked overnight, you may need this extra locking for their security, so ensure this is included in your custom trailer design.