How to Call a Towing Service

Why You Must Select The Right Company For Bus Towing And Heavy-Duty Towing

There are different categories of towing services — namely, light towing, medium towing and heavy towing. Light towing is for standard-size vehicles such as cars and trucks that are light-duty. Most companies will have no trouble when it comes to light towing. Bus towing falls under medium-duty towing. In this category also is towing for vans and RVs. Truck towing and machinery towing are both classed as heavy-duty towing.

Whenever you are in need of medium and heavy-duty towing services, you have to be particularly careful about your choice of towing company if you expect the job to get done. This is because of two primary reasons as outlined.

1. The Right Equipment for the Job

The light-duty towing trucks just won't cut it when it comes to bus towing or towing of heavy trucks and machinery. You will need to ensure that the company has the right towing trucks in their fleet to handle the size and load of your vehicle.

Heavy-duty trucks can comfortably handle the load of your bus. These are fitted with high-capacity boom lifts and wheel lifts, which make them very efficient for the job at hand.

Having the right equipment ensures that the towing operation is done in good time, which is very beneficial, especially if the broken down bus was causing the dreaded traffic build-up for miles on end. Speaking of miles, having the right equipment ensures efficient bus towing for both long-distance and short-distance hauls.

2. Skilled and Experienced Operators

To properly and efficiently operate the big and heavy towing trucks used for bus towing, truck towing and heavy machinery towing requires expert skills and a wealth of experience. When scoping out a company for your bus towing service, you should inquire about whether or not the company's operators have relevant experience dealing with similar jobs.

3. Comprehensive Insurance Cover

Even with the right equipment, and the right workforce, accidents can still happen during a bus towing operation. If and when said accidents do occur, you want to be fully protected from any liability. The only way you can do so is to ensure that you select a towing service that is fully insured.  Before agreeing to sign any contract for the bus towing service, you should feel free to ask for proof that shows that the company is indeed insured. You may also want to discuss the particulars of what is covered by the policy and what is not.