How to Call a Towing Service

Reasons why you need to hire a tow truck

Every vehicle owner will experience mechanical problems that only a professional mechanic can handle. Hiring a tow truck is the best alternative when a mechanic cannot reach you or you cannot drive it to the auto shop. In the following circumstances, you should call a tow truck:

Gas issues 

Even though you try to avoid it, there are times when you run out of gas. You may forget to fill up the tank or fail to notice the dashboard light blinking. When you are stranded at the side of the road, the best alternative is not to leave your vehicle unattended. For one, the nearest gas station could be miles away, which could be a long and tiring walk. It could also be dangerous. The best thing to do in this situation is to call a tow truck that can drive you to the nearest gas station. They may even offer to bring the fuel to you for a fee. Either way, you and your car will be safe.


If you're ever in an accident and your car experiences severe damage, you should call 911 and a tow truck service. Even if no one is injured in the collision, you should not attempt to drive away in a damaged car. For one, your vehicle's brakes could no longer be functional, and there may be other problems such as leaking flammable liquids. Tow truck operators can give you an idea of the extent of damage on your vehicle and arrange for transporting your vehicle to an auto shop or a junkyard for totalled cars.

Overheating engine

An overheating engine is not a good sign. It is the result of a leaking water pump or a damaged fan belt. Whatever reason causes your engine to overheat; you should take your car to a mechanic. When this happens in the middle of the road, your best bet is to call a towing service as soon as possible! Do not drive with an overheating engine as it may further damage your vehicle.

Flat tyre

Have you noticed that flat tyres seem to occur when you are in the middle of nowhere? Foreign objects on the road that puncture your tyre or from low-pressure cause flat tyres. While many people can change a flat, not everyone has mastered this skill. A tow truck operator can tow your vehicle to the nearest mechanic or help you replace the tyre if you have a spare.