How to Call a Towing Service

How To Choose A Car Transport Towing Service

Vehicles are known to break down when their owners least expect them to. Car transport towing services provide road rescue services and transport the vehicle to your home or a nearby garage. Below is a guide detailing the considerations to make when choosing a car transport towing service. 

Insurance Accreditation

If your insurance coverage pays for towing costs, contact your insurer and inquire about the towing terms. More often than not, the company will give you a list of accredited towing service providers. These companies will send their quote to your insurance company; hence, you will not incur a fee. If the towing companies are far from where the incident occurred, the insurance company will ask you to pay for towing and claim a refund. Some motoring associations offer free towing for their members. If you belong to such a club, contact the leadership and ask them to send a tow truck. 

Response Time

If you have a busy schedule or the vehicle broke down at night, you would want a company that responds promptly. Check the internet reviews of various towing companies to determine which companies respond in the shortest time. Ring the company and request a towing truck. It is essential to give accurate details regarding your location and the type of car. The customer service agent should be in a position to inform you whether or not the towing truck will arrive on time. 

Service Terms And Pricing 

The company should have reasonable terms of service. For example, once they arrive at the scene, they should assess the vehicle's condition to determine whether it is repairable at the site. For example, some defects such as a leaking radiator hose or worn-out brakes can be repaired by the roadside. It will help you save on towing costs. Before commencing towing or repairs, the company staff should provide you with a quote that breaks down the total charges. It will help you identify extra or hidden towing costs. For example, some companies will charge an extra fee at night or during the weekend. You could also incur a storage fee. Negotiate these charges and ask for a discount.

Inquire about the company's transportation policy. For example, who bears liability if the vehicle suffers damages during transport? Towing companies will have sufficient insurance to cover such risks. Remember to examine the provided tow truck. If possible, avoid hook-and-chain tow trucks since they could damage the vehicle's transmission and underneath components. 

Hiring a car transport towing service should be easy with the above tips. Inquire about insurance accreditation, check the response time and assess the service terms and pricing. Contact a company like Specialized Tilt Tray and Towing Services to learn more.