How to Call a Towing Service

Should You Hire Professional Towing Services or Ask a Friend to Tow Your Vehicle?

Although many motorists are aware of the fact that towing services are employed to either haul away cars that are parked illegally or to help motorists that are stranded get back to safety, not many of these motorists will assume that they will require towing services in their lifetime, yet this is untrue. The reality of the matter is that people tend to require these services when they least expect to and, as such, do not know what to expect, as they have never researched how beneficial a towing company can be.

Therefore, they tend to believe an array of myths regarding these series and, in some scenarios, may choose to ask a friend to tow their vehicle rather than seek specialised services. Yet, this would be a gross mistake. To ensure that you are not misinformed, this article will clarify a few presumptions that some motorists make regarding hiring towing services.

Towing services are overpriced

Undoubtedly, one of the leading misconceptions that some motorists have about enlisting towing services is that they are too expensive. As such, they assume that it will be better for their pocket to enlist the help of a friend. But the reality of the matter is that hiring a tow truck is not as costly as you may think it is.

Admittedly, towing services will not be priced the same as taxi services. Nonetheless, depending on your situation, you may be surprised at how accessible these services are. Generally, towing companies will take factors such as the weight of your vehicle and the distance they have to travel to you when determining how much they will charge you. Hence, if you drive a regular saloon car and are stranded in a centralised location, your towing costs will be affordable. 

Towing services will damage your vehicle

The second presumption that some motorists make regarding towing services is that the process of hooking their vehicle to the tow truck and having it pulled for a considerable distance will lead to undue damage to their cars, but this is untrue. What you may be surprised to learn is the fact that asking a friend to tow your car is more likely to cause damage to your car than leaving this job to the professionals will.

Towing professionals, to begin with, are well versed with hooking your vehicle to the tow truck without putting the underside of your vehicle at the risk of damage. An amateur, on the other hand, can attach the hook to the wrong area, and this will not only ruin the under part of your car but can ruin your bumper in the process, too. Additionally, when driving the tow truck, the professionals are keenly aware of how your vehicle is navigating the roads, so they will go to great lengths to prevent it from swaying. An amateur, conversely, may not have any control over your car, so your vehicle could end up involved in an accident.

Reach out to a local towing service to learn more.